Environment Services

LEMS can provide their customer with consultancy services that can help the company comply with local regulation and international standards for waste management. LEMS has a specialized team of waste management experts who undertake Waste reduction, waste characterization studies, waste stream analysis and hazardous materials inventory.

LEMS also provides consultancy services for development of;

• Waste Reduction Reports (as per TADWEER requirement),
• Construction and Demolition Waste
• Waste Reduction Action Plan Management Plan (CDWMP),
• Waste Audit • Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP)
• Waste Management Plan and Procedure,
• Integrated Solid Waste Management reports.

As per Abu dhabi legal requirements for renewal of the trade license every entity required to submit the waste
reduction report to TADWEER. To get the NOC for the renewal of the license. Following steps are required to

Step 1

• Prepration of Waste Reduction Report
• Guidance of Segregation of waste
• Preparaion of the waste Management Plan
• Assist to Select Proper ESP
• Guidance to prepare the Menifest record

Step 2

• Submission of Report get NOe from TADWEER

Step 3

• Submission of NOe for Trade license Renewal

Consultant Role

Typical activities include:
• Managing legislative issues for clients and maintaining an awareness of how legislation impacts projects;
• Conducting field surveys: collecting data to establish a baseline condition for levels of pollution or contamination for a site or area of consideration;
• Interpreting data: this can include detailed assessment of data, often using software-modeling packages to identify whether 'contamination' exists in accordance with current legislation;
• Development of conceptual models: this involves identification and consideration of the potential contaminant sources, critical pathways and receptors that could potentially have an adverse impact on the immediate and wider environment;
• Report writing: completion of detailed scientific reporting, written in a manner that can be understood by non-technical people;
• Communicating with clients, regulators and sub-contractors, e.g. analytical laboratories;
• Rresearching previous investigations of a site to provide information to clients considering purchase;
• Undertaking field work to identify previous activities on the site and any contamination

Occupational Health and safety assessment Specification (OHSAS) is an international standard giving requirements related to health and safety management systems in order to enable an organization to control its risks and improve its performance. OHSAS helps the organization to define the occupational health and safety policies and objectives including compliance to legal and other requirements. The organization can apply the standard to minimize risks, accidents and hazards, to improve employee motivation and involvement. Using professional assessment teams with in depth knowledge of your health & safety issues, the compliance process will ensure that your management system meets the requirements of current
Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

Our Serivces

Health & Safety

• Health and safety Plan
• Health and safety compliance Audit
• AD EHSMS Development and implementation
• Occupational Health and Safety ISO (18001; 2007)
• HAZID Studies
• HAZOP studies
• Quantitative Risk Assessment
• Emergency Response plan
• Project Specific Construction Management Plan
• Government registration document
• Pre-qualification Document

Consultant Role

• Educate client for each step starting from registration till implementation of OHSMS
• Assist to create account on AL ADAA website
• Conduct meeting with MR and top Management to explain the required of OHSMS
• Give awareness training to assign person to make them understand the requirement of OHSMS
• Prepare Manual and Procedures related to OHSMS,
• Prepare Operation Control procedure as required
• Developed all required form to ease the process of implementation
• Assist client for the submission of OHSMS Documents using AL ADAA website
• Assist and guide client for proper implementation of their OHS management system to ensure proper compliance of all legal and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of OHSAS

• Improve your safety culture
• Improved efficiency and consequently reduce acci
• dent and production time loss.
• Increased control of hazards and the reduction 0
• risks through the setting of objectives, targets anc
• devolved responsibility
• Demonstrate legal compliance
• Increase your reputation for safety and occupationa health
• Reduce insurance premiums Is an integral part of a sustainability strategy
• Demonstrate your commitment to the protection 0
• staff, property and plant Encourage more effective internal and external com munication "Business to business contract winner"

Related Training

• Site specificSafety
• Hazard and Risk assessment
• Emergency response training
• Lead Auditor 18001;2007
• Internal audit 18001;2007
• Awareness 18001;2007
• Firefighting training
• First aid training