About Us


Lead Environment Management Services (LEMS) is an accredited certification body which provides International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification and other management standards to organizations Worldwide especially in Gulf Countries.


We also provide aEnvironment studies, Training and variety of inspection services to clients throughout in all sector Construction, Industrial, commercial, Engineering, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors.
We at LEMS with our experienced assessors (Auditors) provide you with certification which provides value for your management system. Many clients around the world have greatly benefited through our exemplary service. When you choose LEMS as your certification partner you stand to gain monetarily in your business by our straight forward assessment.
The overall aim of certification is to give confidence to all parties that a management system fulfils specified requirements. The value of certification is the degree of public confidence and trust that is established by an Impartial and competent assessment by a third party.

Our Mission and Vision

LEMS vision isto be the Management System Certification &Environment studies consultant of choice to the Gulf Countries and have a culture of teamworkand mentoring that provides a safe, rewarding workplace where people can develop and enjoy their professionalcareers be leaders in our profession and our communities.

It is the mission and goal of LEMS to provide proactive planning of HS& ELossControl and operation efficiency inall aspect of the firm& company operation. LEMSpersonal are dedicated to providing active leadership and support indeveloping, maintain affordable and workable quality, health, safety and environmental solution.

Our Objective

Our Main objective is to;
• To assist our clients and associates with tailor made solutions to attain their strategic objectives in business, in
• Compliance with the UAEand International regulations.
• To offer diligent understanding, proactive suggestions and comprehensive solutions in every endeavor.
• To proffer committed, quality entrusted and cost effective services.
• To focus on a reputation for excellence and reliability, to foster a productive and enduring relationship with clients.
• To ascertain safe public health and sustainability in environment. andto raise awareness to incorporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)principles in the broader community.

ISO Certification Principles

Our business is underpinned by a number of principles concerning our environment and health & safety, business and our people. We are committed to:

• Providing our clients with technical excellence and innovative solutions to help them respond to the challenges of sustainable development;
• Conducting our business with integrity, applying ethical principles to our relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders;
• Respecting the customs and laws of the countries where we work and have offices;
• Ensuring the health, safety, personal security and well-being of our people;
• Placing a high value on our people as individuals, ensuring the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment at work; and
• Encouraging our people to contribute to their local communities and communities worldwide.
• Impartiality
• Competence
• Responsibility
• Openness
• Confidentiality
• Responsiveness to complaints